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Otago South River Care 

Our Vision

The vision of Otago South River Care is  To engage our communities to protect and enhance water quality now and for future generations. 

The Benefits

The benefits of improved water quality include protecting ecological habitat and biodiversity, enhancing recreational opportunities, and preserving mahinga kai and cultural values of our waterways for now and the future. 

Our Current Projects

The current project for Otago South River Care is funded by the Sustainable Food and Fibre Future Fund administered by Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) with co-funding from South Otago Farmers. It is designed to engage South Otago communities to improve ecosystem health, freshwater quality and the value of food and fibre products produced in the region. This funding commenced in July 2021 and finishes in July 2024.

This project builds on the previous Clutha Water Quality Project that supported the development of farmer led catchment groups throughout the Clutha District and a water quality monitoring programme.